The French writer and aviator Antoine de SaintExupery (1900–1944)  disappeared on July 31st 1944 while flying a reconnaissance mission over occupied France during World War II. The Israel poet Dahila Ravikovitch wrote this beautiful poem in his memory. It is interesting to note that she made a mistake, his plane disappeared in 1944 and not in 1943.

In Memory of Antoine de Saint Exupery by Dahlia Ravikovitch

Translated by Orna Raz


A ghastly shining moon

reminded me in the middle of the night

how in forty three died


de Saint Exupery.


Now it has been twenty-one years

and pieces of paper are flying in the wind,

and for twenty-one years

the sea turns blue every spring,

now twenty-one years

and all his bones have turned into sand.



and whoever is alive today is without him.

Twenty-one years ago

his plane fell into the Mediterranean sea,

shaking amidst the strong spring winds.


The world is not what it was

weeds and wind,

wind and sand.

This surely is the look of the world

that no longer has Saint Exupery.


People don’t live forever

and we too are not forever

but was he saved that one time in March of forty-three,

he would be with us

a shiny grain,

a rose in the wind

Laughing in the clouds.