When we think about history in Israel, it’s easy:

Ancient stone and olive trees.

The pathways of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.



But Tel Aviv is the epitome of a modern metropolis… And yet, Tel Aviv also has its history.

Here’s a glimpse:


Jaffa Port before 1899

Jaffa Port before 1899


Jaffa Port, 1930's

Jaffa Port, 1930′s


Camels in Tel Aviv, 1930's.

Camels in Tel Aviv, 1930′s.

Allenby Street, 1930's

Allenby Street, 1930′s


Double-decker bus in Tel Aviv, 1930's

Double-decker bus in Tel Aviv, 1930′s


Dizengoff in the 1930's.
Dizengoff in the 1930′s


Dizengoff Square, Present Day

Dizengoff Square, 1930′s


KIkar Dizengoff, 1930's.

KIkar Dizengoff, 1930′s.


Water tower in Tel Aviv, 1924

Water tower in Tel Aviv, 1924

Nahalat Benyamin, 1930

Nahalat Benyamin, 1930

Big shout-out to David Saranga and VTLV – View Tel Aviv – for the photos.

** Compiled by Sarah Tuttle-Singer and Brian John Thomas **

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