150,000 citizens in Israel mistreated by France

In two months, French citizens of Israel will have the opportunity to vote for a representative who will represent them at the National Assembly. As a journalist, with no political label, I decided to take part in the election to defend the interests of my Franco-Israeli compatriots. The election will be held in 8 countries (Italy, Vatican, Malta, Greece, San Marino, Turkey and Cyprus as well as Israel) and my competitors will belong to the two major French political parties: the UMP (party linked to Nicolas Sarkozy) and the Socialist Party (which the current president Fran├žois Hollande belongs to).

Even though the campaign will be difficult, I decided to get into this fight for ideological reasons: I can not stand anymore the fact that the French people of Israel are considered as second-class citizens !

When the French people of Israel are directly targeted by bombs and missiles by terrorist organizations, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Israeli government to put an end to its retaliation and, de facto, to no longer defend the 150,000 French who live in Israel.

I am appalled by the fact that 6,000 French living in Mali worth more than 150,000 who live in Israel and while the war against terrorism in Africa is legitimate, the war against terrorism in the Middle East is equally important.

I will fight against this France which created a Governorate in Jerusalem (General Consulate) whose only functions are to maintain consular and diplomatic ties with the Palestinians – while this consulate is located in West Jerusalem and the Embassy of France for Israel is in Tel-Aviv.

Who else but a Franco-Israeli, married to an Israeli woman and the father of a little girl of two years, is more legitimate than me to go to the National Assembly in order to redress these unacceptable anomalies. For sure, not a UMP candidate that lives in France or a Socialist one that lives in Turkey !

My program is; 150,000 French citizens who live in Israel are mistreated by the French government and I intend to rectify this injustice.

It is for example not acceptable that the French government don’t fight for its own citizens for their degrees to be recognized!

It is not acceptable that the French government refuses to 150,000 French the Francophonie, yet accepted in much less French speaking countries.

It is not acceptable that the French government refuses to indicate, on passports for children born in Jerusalem, the name of the country they were born in, Israel, making these children stateless.

It is not acceptable that the French government sends 5 million Euros to the poor Palestinians without even asking if there are no poor French citizens, who lives 10km further north in Israel!

It is not acceptable that France refuses to recognize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization while this movement claims its will to exterminate all the Jews living in Israel, including the 150,000 French living in Israel.

It is not acceptable that some of the money from the EU for Gaza ends up as missiles that are launched against French citizens who reside in southern Israel.

I sincerely believe that each of us, in Israel and abroad, must rally behind my application to stop this unspeakable scandal.

Jonathan Sellem
Contact me at sellemalassemblee@gmail.com

About the Author
Jonathan-Simon Sellem was elected (in 2014) Representative of the French people living in Israel and is currently journalist. Former newscaster who made alyah in 2006 as war reporter during the 2nd Lebanon War, he is now the editor-in-chief of the main Israeli-French speaking media outlet, JSSNews.