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Top 5 Tips for K-12 Success

  • Anticipate the next grade level. It is important to know what is in store at the next grade level. For example, parents of 2nd graders should be aware that many schools begin standardized tests in reading and math in the 3rd grade. Parents of 10th graders should anticipate the extra demands of 11th grade (AP classes and SAT/ACT prep).
  • Do not be a jack of all trades — Help your child to find her passion. Colleges do not expect students to be the best in everything. From the perspective of colleges, it is better for a high-schooler to immerse herself in one or two activities rather than dabble across the board.
  • Use the summers — Summer presents a great opportunity to help your child prepare for the year ahead. Encourage your child to read at least 10 books and to discover a new interest like coding or a new sport.
  • Environment — Ensure that your child is in a supportive environment at school. Does your child have a teacher who singles him out? Take action immediately. Many families like to keep all of their children in the same school. This can be a big mistake. Consider the individuality of your child and seek the best school for his or her needs.
  • Get help early — Seek academic assistance at the first sign of grades below a B. Don’t accept that your child is not good at math or is just naturally not a good reader. All K-12 skills are learned and aptitude is less important than practice and good instruction.
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