To the right is Life
To the left is Death
To the chemical gas chambers, they took my sons, daughters, and wife
Each round 2000 Jews were squeezed like cattle, like sardines in a box screaming, clawing the ceiling for their last breath.

How will I go on?

I want to die.
Let me burn in Hell’s sun.
What did I do to be cursed – to be the one forced to place my loved ones in the crematorium?
I am the walking dead with nothing left, with no voice to cry.

One brother was still alive.
I heard his screams in the fires
I no longer want to survive
6 million pyres.

Rabbis, doctors, wagon drivers
Holy mothers, virgin sisters, every type, all the others.
I count the dead
I see the running red
The air is burning flesh
They house our gold teeth, wedding rings – and oh, my daughter’s beautiful wedding dress.

Kill me now! Kill me now!
I cannot go on!
Never will she dance at her wedding
Never wiĺl she hold her baby to her breast.
Kill me now! Take my soul
Let me walk the ice barren cold.

Our generations are gone
No one left to carry our name, our legacy baton
The deniers are right. 6 million were not murdered
It is 600 Million that were butchered never to be born
Oh, my soul, my nation is forever torn.

But I will never stop to blow the Shofar horn
And in their memory of the 600 million, I will make their names reborn.