I am so proud that my party, Yesh Atid, doesn’t believe that there is any need for us to produce gimmick videos or negative attack ads. We are simply presenting voters with stories of people who have been helped by our accomplishments in the year and eight months that we were in office.

I ask all of you to take six minutes – six minutes to watch the following six videos which tell some of these stories.

1)We gave special assistance to Israel’s blind community


2) We provided Holocaust survivors with free medication


3)We implemented the start of our small businesses plan


4) We want to help young couples afford a new home


5) We empowered haredim to serve in the IDF


6) We helped thousands of haredim get training and find jobs

Before going to vote, I ask you to do two more things.  Please click HERE to see a long and only partial list of Yesh Atid’s accomplishments in the 19th Knesset.  Then, please click  HERE to see a translation of our 26 chapter, 273 page platform.

We at Yesh Atid have been hard at work serving the people of Israel and making real changes for the past year and eight months.  We hope to have your support so we can return with full force to continue our mission. This really is a fight for our country.