My stepbrother, Yoav Kaufman, and his family live in Beersheva and are under constant rocket fire from Hamas. He is the VP of online media at Negev Direct Marketing and founder of 57 Seconds, a non-profit to raise awareness about the security situation in the South of Israel and to raise funds to build public bomb shelters in Beersheva, Israel.

His 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Living Under Rocket Fire:

1. Try to keep going to work. Being productive is good for keeping your mind off the rockets. Plus the daily commute is always an adventure.

2. Keep talking with friends and family online and off. They are your best support.

3. Stay near a shelter as often as possible. This is best for your saftey and stress level.

4. Keep your kids as calm as possible by explaining the situation and giving them as much love and security as you can.

5. Get some fresh air once in a while. It’ll help clear your mind.

6. Stay updated on the news but don’t try to follow every single thing that happens… it’ll just drive you crazy and your time is better spent with family.

7. Know that this too shall pass even though it seems like it won’t right now.

Stay safe people!