Today on May 6th 2014 Israel celebrated it’s 66th  independence , a day all Jews look forward to every year. It was 65 year ago on May 14th, 1948 when Arab League Secretary Azzam Pasha  said ” This nation won’t survive for next 24 hour” .Fact supported his words as he was taking about a nation smaller in size then Lake Michigan in United States, a nation surrounded  by the powerful nations who stand against it’s independence. Today it’s been sixty year since Israel earn it’s independence and today it stand more powerful and stronger than it was sixty year ago.

To understand the problem between Israel and Palestine we must take a look at the history of Jews. Everywhere the Jews roamed for the last 1,800 years, they were hunted. But, amazingly, they kept their identity, unlike any other nation that had become so scattered. In 1933, with the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany, the Jewish situation became more severe, by the end of war more then 7 million Jews were killed by Nazi party. After the war United Nation started working on the solution to peacefully divide Palestine into two parts but a civil war broke between Jews and Arab and as soon as British forces left the Haifa, Jewish people gathered at Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948 and declare the land of Israel. This historic event cause the whole politics of the world to topple. The presence of a Jewish state was not welcomed by any of the Arab states. These Arab countries are the major oil producers in the world and supply must needed oil to majority of European countries and United States. The religious difference between Islam and Judaism further provoke the conflicts against Israel by the combine forces of all it’s Islam following neighbors.

The first attack came just three days after the formation of Israel when combine army of Syria, Jordan and Egypt attack the newly form state with all it’s might. As every newly formed nation Israel at that time lacked proper weapons and military equipment to defend itself but in spite of that it was able to defend itself at the cost of heavy casualty. Lesson learned from this war was use to fortify the homeland. All citizen above age of 18 were require to go though world toughest military training and were taught how to use variety of weapons. The turning point in the history of Israel come in 1967 when it  defeated Egypt, Syria , Jordan ,Iraq  and Lebanon in what was later known as six day war. Israel had a decisive victory and captures the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Golan Height from Syria .This boast the reputation of Israel as strong military power. Though Israel-Arab conflict are still active till today but casualties are very less compare to previous days.

Today Israel stand as a self dependent nation which has most number degree to the population ratio, it is one of the most developed nation in the world and the most developed nation in the Middle East, it’s the only nation where women have right to a vote and  it is one of the largest exporter of arms in the world having one of the highest literacy rate. Arab nation GDP on the other hand still depend on their natural resources mainly oil ,literacy rate  is far below world average , poverty and malnutrition rate are still what they stand 50 years ago and women still don’t have basic human rights. Israel has strengthen it’s tourism sector and increase it’s industrial strength with many software company opening their research and development  centre in Israel , it’s foreign diplomatic  relation include most of the European countries, North America and developing nations like India and South Korea. Arab nations on the other hand still suffer from VISA problem from foreign nations and lack the basic industrial infrastructure.

The world keep a close eye on the Middle East situation as it not only affect oil prices but it also guide the foreign policy of all G8 nations and the world politics. No one know how long this blood bath will continue, no one know what will be long term consequences of this war and how all the nations directly or indirectly involve will be affected by these conflict. What we can conclude from the history of last 65 years is that it’s not going to easy for anyone to change the map of Middle East because Israel has proved that they are not just Survivors  but Warriors.