Miracles do happen, and the media can still surprise us.  Today, The New York Times ran an unbiased and actually responsible article regarding Israel and Sheldon Adelson.

The article mentioned how “[Adelson] has sprinkled $200 million across the state’s hospitals, museums and universities”, and that he has donated more than $180 million since 2007 to Birthright, which he said is “The cement that connects one generation of Jews to the next.” Indeed, Birthright is one of the most successful programs ever launched to bond American Jews to Israel.

They rightly mention Adelson’s criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposal to invest $4 billion into the economy of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and quoted Adelson as saying, “Why would I want to invest money with people who want to kill my people?” Indeed, one may ask Kerry the same question – as Adelson may have been referring to both Americans and Jews.  But, we can forgive the Times for not clarifying that particular point.

In featuring the largest Jewish philanthropist in the world, the Times mentions his $50 million in donations to Yad Vashem, and other gifts to hospitals and universities. Indeed, the Mayor of Jerusalem was right on when he called the Adelsons “Zionist heroes of the city.”

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson should be thanked widely, and the New York Times lauded for getting this article on Israel and a strong American supporter of Israel right.