Originally there was only one.
A singularity. Unique.
And because there was only One
there was unity, harmony, calmness and peace.
There was no conflict, no contradiction, no competition, no challenge,
no desire, no passion, no ego, no body,
and therefore
no change, no evolution, no relationships and no creation.

The unique singularity existed before time and space;
before life and love,
before feeling and thought
before natural law and mathematical reason.

But the One was not a perfect Being;
self sufficient and absolute.
The One was YHVH, a holy Becoming:
a creative dynamic One.

Therefore the creative One choose to God:
to create and to relate;
to act, react, and interact,
to cause growth and change;
to feel joy and sorrow,
to choose and be chosen,
to make creatures in God’s own image;
and to make Shabbat.

God created space and time,
matter and energy,
life and love, mind and heart,
individuals and communities,
Israel and the other nations,
the holy pause of Shabbat
and the other action days of the week.

And God blessed them all,
And made them holy.