Recently, it was suggested that fully 15% of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria are citizens of the United States. That would be 60,000 persons. If true, and I personally think that it is a high guess, it would have to include second and third generation progeny.

It also begs the question: how many Arab residents are Americans? Like the terrorist who killed Malachi Rosenfeld.

And now, to another set of stats.

The school year has begun and in my own regional council, Mateh Binyamin, I have been informed that these are the numbers:

School pupils total – 22,302

First graders – 1,607

Primary school pupils – almost 13,000

High school pupils – 3,869

High schools – 19

Kindergartens and other pre-school nurseries – 179

Preschoolers –   5,354

Infant creches  – 31

Infants (from 3 mos. to 3 years) – 1,500

A demographic victory.  A continuing one.

P.S.   To be fair, there are high schoolers from outside Yesha who learn in the Ulpanot and Yeshivot.  These figures also do not take into account post-12th grade educational institutions.

P.P.S.  I cannot tag my posts with such memes as Yesha, Judea and Samaria, demography, etc., so excuse me.