A Conversation about Israel and Donald Trump

Not only might Donald Trump be the most polarizing figure in recent memory, but what is particularly interesting about his rise to popularity is that the people who support Trump are not necessarily those you might expect. For instance, both David Duke and Louis Farrakhan have publicly supported the Donald whereas many liberals and conservatives recoil at many Trump’s values. It occurred to me recently that the Jewish support for Trump, even amongst Jewish Republicans or single issue Israel voters, is not as loud as one might imagine.

So, it hardly came as a surprise when I asked my cousin Ari Abramowitz, who is firmly and unapologetically on the Israeli right, whether or not he supported Trump and his answer was a resounding “no.” Ari is the host of the Israel Inspired podcast and has an audience that includes both Jews and Christians all over the world. I wanted to understand Ari’s position, so I decided to publish our conversation right here on Times of Israel. Fair warning: Abramowitz family conversations get heated, so follow along with caution.

About the Author
Zach Abramowitz is a former lawyer and standup comedian. He is CEO & cofounder of Israeli based startup ReplyAll.me, which makes it easy for content creators to publish great conversations. He also writes for AbovetheLaw.com and blogs at blog.replyall.me.