A little mid-Hanukkah reflection/thought:
Wednesday night I went home I set up a small table in a window facing the street and set the menorah on it. When I said the prayers, lit the shamash, and proceeded to light the first candle, I felt a great sense of joy. The candles were burning in the window for any passersby to see. I felt a sense of pride and really felt like I was doing something very Jewish and it felt wonderful watching the candles as they burned bright. I still had a few lights on in the room but the candles still looked so great reflecting off the window.

Last night when I lit the shamash and the two candles, it was even more nice to look at with the additional candle burning bright. Then, after a short time, my wife turned off the lights in the room and, wow, it was so much more amazing… As a first time observer of Hanukkah, I am hooked. I am already looking forward to next year and this year’s holiday is not even over yet!

Chag Chanukah Sameach!!