Father’s Day is here again. My Twitter feed is filled with many loving and appreciative dedications to their fathers. The authors spend most of their time stressing how important their Dads were to their emotional and psychological development and maturity. I would like to emphasize another, too-often over looked aspect to the role of Dads: as providers.

From the dawn of time until today, fathers have provided for their families, ensuring their physical security and flourishing. Sometimes this involved back-breaking or physically dangerous labor. Sometimes it meant months if not years of isolation and separation from the family. Even today, it can often mean long hours, missed birthdays, and stress from working at a job he barely tolerates or even hates – just so we can be provided for.

Yet all too often, we take this for granted. Like the public that asks its leader “What have you done for me lately?”, this isn’t enough. We’ll complain about the chores, the aforementioned missed birthdays or some other grievance. Far too rarely do we reflect on the fact that all of it – the house, the food, the education and the presents are all possible because of his provision. Rarely do we realize how much he gives up for us in terms of time, money and leisure.

In one of the many memorable moments of Breaking Bad, Meth King Gustavo Fring argues that a man provides even if he isn’t loved, but simply because he’s man. I say, it’s past time we show appreciation to all fathers who fulfill that most basic task of Fathers from time immemorial. He has earned that much.

So, Happy Father’s Day, Dad, and know that I do not for one second take your efforts and sacrifice for granted.