Map of the Horn of Africa (United Nations, March 2012)

Reports of antisemitism are most often addressed in public when antisemitism occurs in Europe and in the Middle East. Antisemitism in the rest of the world needs to be publicly addressed as well. The following report describes local antisemitism against the Gabooye clans in the Horn of Africa. 

It’s Saturday afternoon on the 27th of February, 2016

In the Cabinet, the Senate approved to increase the development of the Somali Region of Ethiopia’s new municipalities, counties and towns in the hands of their newly appointed authorities, as proposed by the Council Chairman, Hon Maxamed Rashiid.

The approved administrative regions only come in favor of the Somali-Ethiopian clans in Ethiopia and exclude the indigenous Gabooye clans. In the Somali Region of Ethiopia, Gabooye clans do not have any Ministers, Parliamentarians or Council Speakers.

“A cursed people”

Gabooye clans are considered to be a cursed people in many parts of Northern and Southern Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya because the Gabooye clans are of Jewish descent.

Although Gabooye clans are now Muslim, as part of the Arab world Somalis praise crimes against Gabooye clans in the name of Islam.

Compromise of land

The Gabooye clans of Hawle and Muuse Dhario make up the majority of the population with land stakes of over 53% in Jijiga, the capital city of the Somali Region of Ethiopia. The rest is owned by Barthiri and Yabareh.

President Abdi Omar Eelay has decided to conquer this land by force and to hand it over to his native Ogaden clans, leaving the Gabooye clans with less than 3% of the remaining land.

Missing aid

The Gabooye clans have no means of providing for basic necessities due to social isolation. The government blocks development projects such as public and private funding initiatives for the Gabooye clans.

Priority is given by the government to other groups, including Somalis who have been fleeing from the Somalian state in the past decade.

(Report originally written in Somali.)

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