After the rockets to our area last night just before the evening news, my daughter said: “Sleep in the safe-room”.


Did I listen to her?

Well…. yes….around midnight when 2 loud blasts bumbed me awake, I moved.

Now, after a broken, fitful night’s sleep, I awoke to the night’s tally: 10 rockets launched towards the Gaza Envelope, 5 strategic targets were hit in Gaza.

What do the Israeli public think according to a survery published now on the morning news?

41% of the Israeli public say that they want to ease up on the limitations on the citizens of Gaza.
28% want to retake Gaza
18% leave things as they are
11% no opinion

Personally, I am with the majority, however that is what the past 3 1/2 years of relative calm should have been used for. Doing that now, while in the throes of the recent escalation, is problematic, because it will seem that it was achieved in response to the violent demonstrations, the kite arson and the rockets. And it will be. Which is why these rounds will continue to happen, unil our leaders develop a proactive, regional strategy.

Rather than harvesting our wheat when it is most appropriate agronomically, our farmers borrow harvesters from other communities – because the quicker they harvest, the less chance they have of losing their field to incendiary kite fire. Rather than buckling their kids in on their bikes or in cars when taking them to child care, mothers leave the kids unstrapped, so they can pull them out to safety more quickly if there is a red alert. Hamas decides when there is quiet in the area and Hamas decides when there will be escalation. WE, for lack of clear long term strategy, knee-jerk.

I trust the IDF totally. With my life. I appreciate all they do to keep us safe. However once again, our current government has proven itself to be reactionary rather than proactively making changes that can improve the lives of all of us here in the western Negev. Once again, our leaders have put us in the position where rather than our governnent deciding what our daily lives will look like, Hamas is pulling the punches.

(BTW: A different poll by the same company shows that 53% of the Israeli public feel that our Prime Minister did not handle the escalation last week, well.)

Off to start a new day, a little more sleep-deprived than usual, slightly more sensitive to surrounding sounds, with one ear on the news, and just a wee bit more like a tightly wound spring, knowing that the next war is really just around the corner… and maybe it’s even already on the block.

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