The NY Times headline reads: “A Girl’s Killing Shakes Germany’s Migration Debate.” That debate, however, is not what is shaking Jewish lives the world over.

Rather it is the fact that Susanna Maria Feldman, a 14-year-old girl from Mainz near Frankfurt, found raped and murdered in woods near Wiesbaden, Germany, was Jewish, and that she met her grisly end in the nation responsible for initiating and administering the slaughter of six million Jewish men, women and children and that her killer is an Arab.

The Arab, Ali Bashar, who was able to escape Germany through the services of the Iraqi Berlin embassy is in custody in Iraq, picked up by Kurdish security police, to whom, under interrogation, he confessed his crime and now faces extradition back to Germany. So far he has not admitted to knowledge that Susanne was Jewish, despite three years of living as a sanctioned refugee in Germany.

It is hard to believe that he didn’t know that his victim was Jewish, a claim rendered even more implausible by a world in which Middle Eastern enmity and crimes against Jews are at fever pitch, and in particular in Germany where Arab crime on Jew is epidemic.

Legally-speaking, to admit to such knowledge would escalate the gravity and consequences of his crime, so his pleading ignorance is understandable. But for the German authorities and even the Central Council of Jews in Germany to promote this killer’s word prima facie and perpetuate this obvious lie through the media is reprehensible; as ridiculous as for a Ku Klux Klanner to claim that he did not know the ethnic identity of his Black victim.

Of course, the New York Times article makes no mention of Susanne’s ethnicity at all. She is just some “girl.” For the editors her murder serves only to highlight issues of Arab immigration versus German politics. Even in death this poor child occupies the lowest rung of journalistic concern simply by virtue of being Jewish.

For the New York Times, the fact of anti-Semitism has never been of great interest, not even during the Holocaust, when scant reference was made to the Nazi persecution and reports about the murder of the Jews typically ran in the paper’s back pages.

But as the current principle mainstream champion of anti-Zionist/anti-Israel reporting the New York times facade of “impartiality” has eroded to this new low: the rape and murder of a Jewish child by an Arab man in Germany does not even warrant mention of her Jewishness. Rather, it is all about Germany’s impatience with the policies of Angela Merkal.

That qualifies as a New York Times anti-Semitic journalistic hate crime.

Understandably, the ever-timid Central Council of German Jews has upheld the government’s request not to assign an anti-Semitic motive to Suzanne’s slaying, as if decades of murderous Arab hostility to

Jews, in the Middle East and throughout the West, were not proof enough. To their eternal shame, in order to avoid friction, they too are prepared to have Susanna’s murder fall under the more anonymous category of Homicide.

Once upon a time it was widely conjectured that Arab enmity to Jews was a product of Marxist Arab Nationalism and the “Arab-Israeli conflict”. Later, among the Left in particular, homicidal Arab hatred of Jews was ascribed to Zionism itself, and Arabs virulent loathing for the Jewish belief that after two thousand years of persecution and then the Holocaust, we must have a state of our own, an army of our own, and in our traditional homeland, Israel.

Today, it is now widely understood but nearly never openly or forcefully affirmed that Arab hatred towards Jews is rooted in nothing but itself, an epidemic of deeply held prejudice whose origins once sprang from Islam, Arab Nationalism, War, Terrorism, Communism, The New Left, but that now derives only from its own irrational nihilistic core, thriving chiefly on itself, fed by the taking of Jewish lives and growing into a monstrous and murderous cultic belief that anyone of Arab origin has the right to kill a Jew. In some quarters of Islam it is an exalted act.

Is it hate-speech to identify the delusions that support this rabid creed? If so, than it is it hate-speech to term the Hutu hatred and slaughter of Tutsi a genocide or to say that the Turkish murder of one million Armenians was ethnic cleansing.

Susanne Maria Feldnam’s murder is a hate crime and nothing else.