In a video titled ”The ludicrous that is called Al-Aqsa in beloved Israel” published on YouTube, Jalel Brick a controversial Tunisian figure wished a happy Rosh Hashanah to the Jewish people

He began the video by reading the story of the invasion of Khaybar done by the early Islamic forces under the leadership of the Prophet Muhammed himself in the year 629 CE, citing with disgust the fact that all males who were able to fight were slaughtered as a result of a direct order from Muhammad.

Khaybar is an oasis 153km north of what is today Al-Medina in Saudi Arabia, which was inhabited back then by local Jews and some of the Jews of Banu Nadir who took refuge there after being expelled from Medina in 625.

Jalel went on, saying that ”Jews have been in Palestine since 1948, it’s their country, it’s even written so in the Qur’an.. Did they [Jews] slaughter you [Arabs]? Did they exterminate you? No, it’s just war, and in war you kill and be killed… You [Arabs] love death..”

Despite the video being posted on the 22nd of July, Jalel referred to a Rosh Hashanah celebration which he said saw Jews dancing on the Temple Mount while being attacked by Arabs.

He said ”Happy Rosh Hashanah to my Jewish friends! The Jews were dancing, they love to dance… They were happy on the Temple Mount which you [Arabs] call ‘Al-Aqsa Square’, they were celebrating their religion and their country which they have occupied. Even if it was yours, they are occupying it, the force is theirs.. They came dancing and you attacked them with petards and anything else at hand, just because they were dancing near a mosque!!”.

The controversial speech went on, with Jalel saying ”Palestinians do not concern me. Long live Israel…!”. ”Didn’t the Plaestinians conspire against Tunisia? Didn’t Hamas conspire with Al-Nahdha (Tunisia’s Muslim Brotherhood party)? Didn’t they train and arm Al-Nahdha militants?” They did, according to Jalel.

Rebuking Tunisians for supporting the Palestinians, he added ”They contributed to Al-Nahdha’s success in Tunisia, and that’s why I sh** on them and on what is holy to them… Palestinians… Criminals”.

He then rebuked the Palestinians for allegedly lying about their intentions, saying that despite their true intention which is ”ordered by Allah in the Quran” being to ”kill Jews” they do not say so explicitly and they sign deals with Israel.

He went on swearing at Tunisians for what he called ”Preferring a Daeshi (ISIS terrorist) who slaughters innocent people rather than a Jew [who is peacefully dancing on the Temple Mount]”. He added that Palestinians in the West Bank live a better life, and have better conditions then Tunisians in Tunisia.

Jalel concluded the video by calling upon the Jewish people to ”exterminate the Muslims” and by renewing his wishes for a happy Rosh Hashanah to the Jewish people. Comments on the video varried from long live Israel to curses and prayers against Jalel. A comment by a YouTube user with the name ”Agurzil” goes ”we North African will Support Israel to f*** the stupid arabs they divide us we will divide them”.

Born in Tunisia, in the year 1963 Jalel studied literature and law in Tunis. He was active within the UGET (Tunisia’s students union) and became a member of its cultural committee. Due to his opposition to the regime of Tunisia’s first president Bourguiba, and following several alteractions with the police he was sent to a military camp in 1986.

Upon leaving the camp he was deprived of the right to work, and left for France in 1991. He returned to Tunisia in October 2010 just before the outbreak of the revolution which ousted the president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

He became famous for the videos which he published online in which he fiercly criticised Islamists, Tunisia’s army leadership and Tunisia’s current President Béji Caid Essebsi who held the position of Prime Minister at the time. On the 7th of May 2011 his Facebook page became inaccessible in Tunisia with the following message «This web page has been filtered under a requisition issued by the investigating judge at the Permanent Military Court of Tunis – Tunisian Internet Agency – © 2011».

He was attacked in April 2012 in Paris by a group of Muslim extremists. He then shifted from identifying as an Arabist and pro Palestinian to extreme Amazigh (Berber) nationalist, anti-Arab, anti-Islamic and pro-Israel. Due to his offensive remarks about the Prophet Muhammad calls were made in June 2012 to strip him of Tunisian citizenship, but that never materialized.

Jalel is known for the use of very explicit language and harsh insults against Islam, especially in the person of its Prophet Muhammad. In another video about homosexuality, Jalel is heard saying ”Homosexuality is not an illness, it is an illness to be Arab and Muslim”.

His YouTube channel has 66k followers, most of whom are Tunisians. He is seen by some as a leader, especially among Tunisia’s fast growing Amazigh anti-Islam, and anti-Arab community. Yet, he remains a very controversial figure that even intellectuals who agree with his ideas decide to stay away from him for what they consider to be his very vulgar and offensive speech.