A Prayer For Election Day

A prayer for election day that I hope everyone can stand behind:
Please Hashem,
Let the results of the elections turn out for the best, and be a revealed good, not a hidden good. Let the election results make this country be a safer place to live for all its residents, where no one needs to hide his identity or beliefs in fear of being attacked. May it be Your will that the results of this election will lead to a state where no family is struggling to feed or house their family or to afford basics for survival. May the results of the elections lead to an era of peace, both between our brothers, and with the wider world. Let the results of the elections bring about a situation in which we can best do Your will and make You proud. May this new government be one that will make a Kiddush Hashem to the world, and make this a happier, safer, more prosperous place that we can be proud to call our home.

About the Author
Ronit Peskin has made it her goal to increase Torah and increase love between Jews in Israel and around the world. She is the founder of WomenForTheWall.org, an organization created to preserve the traditional sanctity at the Western Wall. She comes from a Modern Orthodox background, has been in Dati Leumi, Chareidi, Chassidic, and non religious circles, and because of that, has a unique perspective on the goings-on in Israel.