About who did State Department spokesperson John Kirby say this?

We’ve been – without speaking to specific comments, as you know I’m not wont to do, we have been very clear – the Secretary’s been clear about our concerns about inflammatory rhetoric and incitement… we have long said what we want is for both sides to ratchet down not just the violence but the rhetoric, which can inflame some of the violence. And we just don’t find that sort of rhetoric helpful.

It wasn’t about that Democratic Congressman, what’s his name? Oh, Hank Johnston.

You know the one who described Jews living in their historic homeland as being “termites”.

Maybe Secretary John Kerry could be quoted in this insect context:

it is important for us to end the provocative rhetoric and to start to change the public narrative that comes out of those false perceptions.

Will the House Speaker censure Rep. Johnston?

Will the White House?

Let’s not forget the Kerry-Ya’alon spat of bad mouthing.

All that was bad but Johnston basically gets a free pass from the Administration and various government Secretaries.


Or is it?

And how loud is the protest from the American Jewish establishment?