Current US President Donald Trump is the gift that keeps giving the media. He newest verbal abuse concerns Racism – on the eve of the Martin King Jr. Memorial weekend 2018.

Trump talked so many times against rights to immigrate to the USA and pleaded instead for merit-based immigration only. This in itself I find offensive because one of the goals of rich countries accepting immigrants is to extend a hand to people in distress. Even lots of poor countries show this humanitarian decency.

But let this be for a moment. Say that the US wants to prioritize “promising” new immigrants. We want to gain from our generosity. Well, let it be clear that that is not generosity at all.

But he didn’t start talking like that. At first he said during the campaign that the US should only accept people that agree with the American values. Not people who want to come here only to be terrorists, trying to kill people and the vibrant democracy the US is (supposed to be).

Sounds logical. But truth is that US immigration screening already screens out anyone who could remotely be a security risk. So to campaign for more stringent vetting is like demanding that water won’t be boiled anymore at less than 100 0C. So he was really only talking against more Muslim immigrants – to please the racists among his voters. (And to get free publicity, press coverage.) Yes, most Muslims are non-whites, so rejecting them is Racism, like discriminating people who bless after a meal is anti-Semitism.

Now, while the debate is how to make a comprehensive immigration policy with bipartisan support, the president was receiving the leader of Norway and says: BTW, why do we only get refugees from sh*thole countries like Haiti and Africa, and not from countries like Norway?

First of all, the president clearly is unaware that an estimated 88,764 people in Norway are either first or second generation immigrants from Africa. He assumes that everyone there must be milk-white, like all the people he meets from there. Just like all the Republican and Democratic Members of Congress who jointly talked to him at a televised meeting about immigration were all white-nosed. Talking of Racism.

But the real sentiment behind all the careful trumpian maneuvering became clear when a slip of his tong revealed that he’s not against dumb immigrants and not against poor immigrants and not against Muslim immigrants but rather against immigrants of color.

We’re looking forward to his recorded Martin King Jr. Memorial weekend 2018 television speech. He will read what his speech writers wrote, talking about tolerance and diversity and be very presidential. And everyone will know it’s just a show. He is really a racist, convinced that some people are less worthy and others more deserving because of their roots.

At previous racist remarks and policies, commentators have said over and over again: we can’t know for sure what’s in the president’s heart. This was a slip of the tong with staff – not a deliberate provocation on twitter or during a really.

Well, we know now for sure that he’s a hardcore racist, unless he apologizes. Someone can say dirty Jew and still repent and shape up. But without apologies and amends, this riddle has become clear forever.

BTW, a denial is not the same as a retraction.

And saying “I was only saying what most people think” doesn’t cut it either. You can’t call your respectable opponent a slut and then say: but that’s what everyone thinks. You insulted the person, period.

Only one conclusion left: He’s a white supremacist.

And since he “loves” Jews, it is upon Jews to be the most anti-Racism we can be, all during the rest of his reign. Or we’ll be racists by association.

This post was mostly written before Shabbat and completed after it.