President_Barack_ObamaThe journey of Barack Obama’s election campaign started with these words in 2008. In every possible way imagine, he was an outsider. Son of a Muslim foreign student who died when the future President was only 21 year old. Parent’s divorced before he event hit puberty. His ancestor belong to a religion which most Americans believed cause 9/11.

From the very beginning Obama decided that he wasn’t going to let his race and religion restrict what his talents and hard work can achieve. He became the first African American president of the prestigious Harvard Review. After getting into US Senate from the state of Illinois he put his sight on becoming the most powerful person in the world. When Democratic party nominated Obama for the primary candidate for 2008 Presidential election, many questioned this move but somehow, Barack Obama was able to fold his story in larger picture of the American dream. Somehow, and was able to convince millions of Americans that he is the leader which should guide them towards better tomorrow.

His Presidency has been one hell of Roller Coaster ride. He won the Noble Prize within one year of becoming the President. He fulfilled his promise to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq, bringing back thousands of US troops back home. The mighty America was struggling with the worst recession in last 7 decades, he was able pull US out of that recession. He also took down the most wanted man of America in an extraordinary strike in May,2011. It was during his terms we saw the Arab Spring, when mighty kings of Middle East were toppled by the common men. He stood by the American principle and made sure that common people gets the support of America, who has always believed in Freedom and Democracy. He visited India, in what turn out to be the longest trip of any US President to India, interacting with the Indian students and answering their questions with cautious and calmness he showed the Indian leaders what a true democratic president does, answers to his voters.

He became the first President to reestablished relations with Cuba, a cold war enemy which almost caused world war 3. Despite popular belief he want gun control and know that even is this cost his party some vote, lives of American people are more important than winning few votes. He believes in climate change and have labeled it as the most crucial threat to human kind. He supported many clean energy companies like Tesla, to make sure America stays ahead in science and technology for the betterment of human kind. By making a historic deal with Iran he prevented another middle east war. Although we are yet to see what will be the result of these policies, one can be sure that these might be one of the most important decision ever taken by a US President.

A family man, Barack Obama, has been a human being first and President later, he might not be the most popular President in the American History, I don’t think he ever wanted to be that, but he has definitely proved that nothing is impossible in the great nation of America, a country where dreams come true. He has showed billions of people that in America, it doesn’t matter who you are and from where you are? What matters is, What you do and How you do it. Happy 55th birthday Mr. President.