A thought experiment for those who are boycotting SodaStream:

Imagine two scenarios.

Scenario 1: There’s a Palestinian-owned factory in the West Bank that produces widgets. Its employees are ethnically diverse: Jews, Palestinians, Druze, and Bedouins, among others. All are treated equally and with respect. The employees all consider the owners to be model employers. And the widgets are high quality, to boot!

Would you be willing to purchase the widgets produced at this factory? Put another way, would you boycott this factory?

Scenario 2: The Palestinian owners mentioned in scenario 1 sell their factory to Israeli Jews. The new owners do not change any of the previous owners’ practices. If anything, they make modest improvements in workplace conditions and the quality of the widgets.

Are you still willing to purchase the widgets? Put another way, would you begin boycotting the factory now that Israeli Jews own it?

If you were willing to purchase the widgets when Palestinians owned the factory, but plan to boycott now that Jews do, please explain your reasoning.

What is it about Jews (or Israeli Jews, perhaps) that you find objectionable?

If possible, please explain why we shouldn’t consider you a bigot and a fool?