For this week’s column I have the distinct pleasure to be able to share with you, my readers, a brilliant and hard hitting narrative verse written by my dear friend, Henshi Gorodetsky. The link to her personal blog is:


A World Without Israel:

How great that would be,
Radical Islam from sea to sea,
No more free choice or diversity,
Just caliphates, sharia and no equality,

No Jews in the Mid-East, Africa nor Asia,
Nor Europe, nor Disney’s Arabic “Fantasia”,
No gays and no trannies, no Christians, no Sikhs,
Just wall to wall burkahs and suicidal freaks,

Innocent children are raised only to “hate”,
Seems to be the agenda of this caliphate,
“Free Gaza” from Israel, they righteously scream,
While killing each other, the terrorist’s dream,

Only honor in death, no sanctity of life,
“L’chayim” will be gone, like Donald Trump’s second ex-wife,
A world without Israel, if you can foresee,
Would be a world where terror would indeed run free,

For without us “Jews” in the Middle East,
The bloodshed will spread easier, an infective beast,
To Europe, to Asia, Africa et al,
And to the US, and your local mall,

A world without Israel, if that’s what you see,
Get rid of your phone and all technology,
For in this small country more knowledge we did glean,
Than ALL the other countries in the region as can be seen,

“Go home dirty Zionists” – where should they go,
To Paris, to Sweden, Barcelona, Morocco,
Why not just look at this trend on twitter,
#hitlerwasright#Freegaza from its babysitter,

All you hipsters, new-agers and cool mediaites,
Would not last five minutes without your basic human rights,
Just call it as it is, Racism and Hate,
Moderate Muslims sit silent and berate
our beautiful, compassionate proud Jewish State,

We Rose Out of the Ashes and We Will NOT Be Erased!!!

Like America, Israel is far from perfect, but we both want PEACE. It is time for true lovers of peace to unite and call it what it is.
Get rid of HAMAS and Radical Islam…the elephant in the room. There are innocents on all sides in all countries, but STOP blaming the Jews for the world’s problems.