The official Arabic language media Palestinian Authority outlets: PBC  TV, PBC Radio and the PA controlled newspapers: Al Quds, Al Ayyam and Al Hayat Al Jadida, make no mention whatsoever of the statement quoted in today’s the Times of Israel  that Abbas used a meeting with Jews in New York to condemn recent Palestinian murders of Jews in Kalkilya and Hebron.

“Abbas in New York condemns soldiers’ killings”

What counts in conflict resolution is what leaders communicate to their own people in their own language.  

 The consistent absence of Arafat/Abbas declarations for peace and reconciliation with Israel in the Arabic language in their Arab language media outlets and educational institutions….a consistent policy implemented during  the 20 years of the Oslo process, where we have yet to see any evidence of PLO/PA expression of interest in peace and reconciliation.

The PLO and its PA administrative partner, the PA, have used their Arabic language media outlets and educational institutions over the last past 20 years to prepare their people for war, to conquer Palestine, all of Palestine, in stages, while conveying a charm offensive in other languages.