Master illusionist and demagogue, US President Donald John Trump, has done it again.

He’s been playing a trigger-happy macho, saying that that gives the best deterrence. Experienced diplomats say that closed-door negotiations and diplomacy rather are much more effective in reaching international détente and agreements. Some have suggested calling a dictator, almost possessing nuclear weapons, “little rocket man” could be dangerous. And the critical press’s commentators and opposition politicians have debated how risky it could be to have a US president, seen as impulsive, narcissistic and grudge-full, with his fingers on the nuclear button.

However, Trump is just playing the psychopath. In truth, he’s a money maker (first of all for himself and his family) and money is his game.

Pumping money into the military always has been good for the owning class. Nothing makes more money than wars. And creating wealth for the rich is his main goal.

There are other reasons to pour cash into the weapon industry and military infrastructure. It will generate jobs, justify raising taxes on the middle class and cutting social expenditure. Creating foreign enemies jives well with rampant US nationalism and promotes national cohesion.

Now, people who want to see some return of investment in and upkeep of nuclear weapons are often a bit frustrated. Those weapons we can’t employ because they are only used as deterrence.

But Trump is planningthis is not entirely new – for the US to build small-scale nuclear weapons, so-called low-yield earth-penetrating nuclear weapons. The arguments: They could be used without the whole world exterminating each other, therefore they give better deterrence, and they mean massive investment in the military.

So, while playing the bully, he is actually just trying to make lots of money and get reelected. Forget about him being a crazy psychopathic infantile loose cannon. That’s all camouflage. I don’t know if that reassures, though. People without scruples or morality, fixated on making money and staying in power, can cost many lives. Especially if they invest in and dream of “usable” nuclear weapons. That’s why he keeps saying “We hope to never have to use them.” He means: “You don’t need to know that I believe these can be used and that their use will help the nation’s economy” – the code word for benefiting the rich.