This is is not a plea but an advice,

for the future of the Jewish State of Israel.

I am a Sephardic Jew of Spanish and Italian origins

and I believe that the rabbinic authorities of ‘our’ country

ought to think of preserving and increasing its Jewish population

if they wish it to prosper and be even stronger than today.

By saying that, I mean that they should simplify the rules of conversion,

for, having lived on three continents and in many different countries,

and speaking at least five langues, while reading two more,

I have encountered quite a few people, friends or acquaintances,

be they Christian, Buddhist or of other religions, who love Judaism.

Some of these people know the Torah

and its precepts better than myself,

a few of them even speak Hebrew,

which I don’t – I am learning it on my own.

Some  would even consider emigrating to Israel.

So, dear Rabbi-in-Chief – sorry, but I am not a religious person

and don’t know how to address you otherwise or more formally -,

HELP these people, by not forcing them to make it so difficult

that they get discouraged and finally give up on their primary aim!

YES, Israel owes it to these righteous individuals, if it wants to survive,

surrounded as it is by the millions of enemies whose sole dream

is the destruction of Eretz Israel.

What is more important?  To stick to some old and obsolete tradition

or to improve and enrich our land, providing it with a better future?

A response from you, dear Rabbi-in-Chief, would be highly appreciated.

Toda Raba and may you live another 120 years! Shalom