The Nobel Peace Prize 2016 was awarded to Juan Manuel Santos “for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end”.

It’s the most awaited prize of the year, the prize not only carries reputation but a huge responsibility, responsibility of leading the world to a better and peaceful tomorrow.

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, 32nd and current President of Colombia will go down in the history of doing something that haven’t been done by any one in last 50 years, he stop his country from bleeding through thousand cuts. The bright and energetic Harvard graduate is now a role model to the world leaders about how peace can be achieve in this war torn world. While rest of the world is preparing itself for a bloody war with ISIS, this charismatic leader has proven that killing is not the only options when it come to terrorists. After all, Guerrilla fighters are not the easiest to negotiate when it comes to asking them to drop their weapons. This man did that, he brought FARC guerrilla fighters, who have being fighting since last 50 years to the table for negotiations.

Though not many people know much about Juan Manuel Santos, he has just joined the list of those remarkable legends who in these dark times have still not given up hope for a peaceful world. With an amazing ending to his story, he donated all the award money to the war victims. We don’t know what going to be the future of his negotiation with FARC rebels, will it truly end the 50 years of blood shed? But, one thing is for sure, he has proven to the whole world how a true leader with power react, not with blood and bullets but with wisdom and true leadership.

He is one of the unsung heroes of 21st century. A true inspiration to every world leader who talk about fighting terrorism. In this dangerous world full of chaos and darkness, he has provided world with a little hope of light at the end of dark tunnel.