What’s your name? Chana
And what’s your husband’s name? Chone
I asked what is your husband’s name?
I heard you, it’s Chone
You mean Chanan?
No, Chone; unusual, I agree

Um, exactly what kind of name is Chone?
(solemnly) He was named for his Aunt Chana Miriam who perished during the war.
His parents wanted a name for her
Oh (followed by sad silence) or
Oh (and accompanying admiring silence) or
Oh? (segueing into intrigued silence)

So you and your husband have the same name?
Not really
Mine has an “ah” sound.
His has an “uh” sound
As in Chaaahh-na, as in Chuuuh-nuh

Once again, I hear the inevitable “oh” and sometimes the practicing “uh” or “ah”
It often gets c”uh”nfusing: as in Chone and hil-“ah”rious: as in Chana
“Ah” Bi Gezunt!