Ahead of Thursday’s critical UN Human Rights Council vote on who will fill Richard Falk’s old position — as their permanent investigator of “Israel’s violations” — the top-ranked candidate Penny Green has just blocked me on her Twitter account.

blocked penny green

A telling reaction from a university academic who apparently has no rebuttal to the major report we issued, “Mandate to Discriminate,” which exposed her — and other candidates’ — bias and extremism.

Ms. Green is angry that we showed the UNHRC President her tweets accusing Israel of “Apartheid,” her call for a total boycott of the Jewish state, and her support for Hamas.

UN Watch has launched a massive diplomatic campaign and online petition opposing her appointment, leading to numerous protests and newspaper articles documenting her breach of objectivity and impartiality.

Reactions followed worldwide, in Canada, U.S., UK, Italy, and the Netherlands:

  • Canadian Opposition leaders urged Prime Minister Trudeau to oppose Green and Lynk: Letter
  • UK lawyers opposed Penny Green in a letter to Baroness Anelay, UK Minister of State of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Former U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams blasted the nomination of Green National Review
  • Tim Marshall, former Sky News Diplomatic Editor, published an op-ed opposing Green’s bid
  • Italy’s Il Foglio published an op-ed by Giulio Meotti opposing Green, entitled “Quei burocrati dell’Onu che paragonano Israele allo Stato islamico” (Those UN bureaucrats who compare Israel to the Islamic State)
  • Dutch news editor Paul van der Bas, writing in De Dagelijkse Standaard, called the nomination “A new low for the biased UN Human Rights Council.”

It’s time for Penny Green to understand what Hamas backer Richard Falk learned: That if you are a UN appointee or candidate who supports terrorist groups, we at UN Watch will continue to land on you like a ton of bricks.

To join our urgent campaign now, click here to send a message to world leaders demanding that Green — and all other biased candidates — be rejected.