Living in Israel, which means living in the Middle East, means surprises for us all.

Consider my latest life experience:


That’s an outtake from an episode of Blue Bloods entitled Men in Black, about a murder within a Chasidic community.  One possible clue is from a shtreimel hair.

The storyline was plausible, the actors good, the Yiddish could have been a biseleh besser, the costume production was perfect, the widow was well portrayed, the ‘shikseh goddess‘, as she called herself at 25:00, was believable

shikseh goddess

and the Jewish food was … a bit undercooked.

And the writing had some really good brilliance.  Thanks to Ish Horowitz.

What was truly exceptional was that I was watching it on MBC Action.

That station is based in Dubai UAE.

So, there was I, a resident of Shiloh in the Binyamin Region, a ‘beyond-the-Green-Liner’, viewing a show broadcast out of Arabia.  Weird, no?

A coexistence of the airwaves.