Last Friday marked the tenth anniversary of the death of the great Israeli poet, Dahlia Ravikovitch 1936 – 2005. To celebrate her work I  post some of her poems in my translation. For my last installment I choose to present “The Window”  from True love (1986) since this is a poem about art and life. In her typical minimalistic way Ravikovitch shows what it means to live life as an observer and how this position is necessary to being an artist.

The Window

From True love


What have I ever done?

For years I did nothing.

Only looked through the window.

Rain drops were absorbed into the grass,

Years after years.

It was soft and opulent grass.

Blackbirds stepped there.

Later strings of tiny flowers bloomed

surely in the spring.

Later tulips,

English daffodils,


nothing special.

I did nothing.

Winter and summer flipped over inside the grass.

I slept as much as possible.

It was a big enough window

All that was needed

I saw through the window