janezweig.com is back!

After a three year hiatus, I have resurrected my high-tech strategic consulting firm.

I was owner of internationally recognized strategic consultancy focusing on the wireless sector, The Shosteck Group, for more than 20 years. I shuttered that brand and I am re-entering the wireless sector under the new name janezweig.com

janezweig.com is still focused on the wireless sector but with an emphasis on cutting edge innovations such as wearables, wireless health, connected cars, 3D printing, smart tv, etc. The etc. is quite long as the innovations of etc. are numerous.

Many Israeli companies — both start-ups as well as large companies and VCs– are focused on these spaces as well.

So what does that have to do with Israel and Maryland…the companies are Israeli and I am from Maryland.

The Shosteck Group had a high percentage of Israeli clients since 1994 — at the most senior levels of companies as well as the government. janezweig.com will as well.


My blog for The Times of Israel will focus on some of these innovative companies and initiatives coming from Israel.

Next week 150,000 of my closest friends will gather at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I shall be among the 150,000 who attend.

I expect to meet with and visit many of the Israeli companies and executives who will be in Las Vegas to learn more about what these companies are doing.

It will be quite exciting I am sure. It also will be my re-entry to life of sorts and I am quite excited about that as well.

Following CES, I will write a blog about exactly what I saw and provide impressions of where Israeli companies fit into the broader world of innovative companies.

I will see whether Israeli companies are focused on technology for technology sake or whether they are focused on what end-user segment they will be supporting. Technology vs. the importance of marketing…that will be key for me as it always was.

So tune into this space following CES.

If my feet are still on my legs after the show I will write the blog the week following the show.

Marylanders, enjoy the frigid temperatures. Israelis enjoy your wonderful weather. I shall be enjoying the weather of Las Vegas.