Arik Einstein. One of my favorites. Even though I live across the pond, I too share my love of Einstein with my Israeli brothers and sisters and mourn the loss of Arik Einstein. I loved him no less.

Though Arik Einstein died on November 26, I didn’t have the proper platform to share his music. But I shared it a lot on Facebook. Now I can share it with the readers of my blog for The Times of Israel … All Things Israeli and All Things Maryland.

My good friends Dror Levy and Doron Netanel introduced me to Arik Einstein’s music back in the 1990’s. Yes, I know it isn’t as early as most Israelis got to know him but I still got to know and love his poetic and romantic songs. And I didn’t even understand what the songs meant.  I just knew that I liked the melodies.

And by the way, I have gotten to know Hebrew or Ivrit as a result of listening to Israeli music..another bonus. I am not fluent but I can get least I know how to order some food, go to the toilet, go shopping, and say I love you..probably not with the right tense or whether masculine or femine.

Ani ohev ata Arik Einstein. I love you Arik Einstein and I shall miss you and your music forever.

So what does this have to do with Israel and Maryland. Arik Einstein was Israeli and I am from Maryland.

Enjoy a few of my favorite songs.