A long-time friend and greatly respected colleague, in response to one of my recent posts in which I called those supporting the Iran agreement ‘enemies’, asked me: “Am I really your enemy?”

Since I have always liked and respected this individual the question has really bothered me because I really do not want to consider him an enemy.

In true Jewish tradition, I answered his question with a question (actually, more than one question)…

My question – What would you call someone who supports a process that may mean the death of members of your family?

I hope that I am wrong about the outcome of the Iranian deal fiasco…  I pray that I am wrong about the Iranian deal disaster… And, if I am wrong, for sure, we will all be very pleased.

But, I asked him, what if I am right and he is wrong? What will he tell his children about the role he played in allowing a second Holocaust in one century? Who will be around to build the next Holocaust Museum?

The questions – and answers – haunt me….