Had to laugh today when I saw a press release headlined “American Jewish Committee Urges Israel’s New Chief Rabbis to Embrace World Jewry.” Maybe first the AJC should issue a press release urging American Jewry to embrace Rabbis? Perhaps the time of this – and other – Jewish establishment organizations would be better spent focusing on encouraging the more than 50% of American Jews who assimilate to embrace Judaism? How many of the AJC leaders go to shul, or send their kids to yeshivas?

While there is understandable concern about the Israeli Rabbinate, one wonders how many Orthodox Jews work at the AJC, or other American Jewish organizations? The ONLY growth of population in the American Jewish community is amongst the Orthodox, and rest assured the AJC isn’t embracing or speaking for the Orthodox.  They continue to speak for the liberal American Jewish community.  Is there ample (or any) representation at these organizations of traditional  Jews?

AJC is a liberal organization which in recent months has shut down their operations in Israel, and recently condemned Israeli government ministers who oppose a Palestinian State.  They have been supporters of President Obama and as the liberal Forward newspaper has reported has positioned themselves as the “State Department of the Jewish people,” a self-proclaimed foreign affairs arm of the Jewish community.

They are organizations of the elite who represent liberal interests, not those of American Jewry.  I, too was upset with the results of the Israeli Rabbinate elections.  But, shouldn’t these Jewish leaders spend time on Jewish education and Zionism, before lecturing to Israelis about the Rabbinate? Why is it that American Jews are so quick to assert liberal Jewish rights regarding Israel – and so slow to urge their fellow American Jews to pray in America?

And now I know it is time to go back to work as the annoying kars for kids jingle just came on the radio – but  with them the monies go to Jewish education.