With the recent advances of ISIS, aggression from Hamas, and threats from Hezbollah, many American Jews are considering Nefesh B’Nefesh. Aliyah has always been a tempting option for Jewish Zionists that are truly dedicated to our state. However, with the dramatic increase in radical Islam nearing Israeli borders, many Americans are realizing that now is the time to act. I am a 17 year old Jewish American. I have always been aware of the growing Anti-Semitism on American campuses and in the American public, but I had never actually realized how important Israel was to me. I never realized that Israel was my one true home.

Two months ago, I was the victim of a harsh Anti-Semitic tirade from students while I was touring a college campus. Students shouted hostile things at me like “Don’t come back, Jew!” and “A Jewish Ginger? That’s worse than the regular Jewish scum!” This really opened my eyes. I realized that even the all powerful United States, home of freedom and equality, was not immune to Anti-Semitism.

Israel is the ONE Jewish state, others are welcome if they are friendly. There are over 45 nations on this glorious earth that contain a Muslim majority in their population. There are many nations with a Christian majority in their population as well. We Jews just want ONE state. That one tiny nation we have, called Israel, is our only ‘Safe Haven.’

However, due to the unfortunate hatred towards Jews around the globe, I have come to terms with where my loyalties must lie, they must lie with my true home, Israel. Thus, I have decided that I will most likely make Aliyah next year and proudly be conscripted into the Israeli Defense Forces. I want to contribute to the defense of the Jewish people, equality, and peace. Israel stands for those values and will likely remain the least beacon of defense for the world’s Jewry.

We MUST Stand with Israel.

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