The American people appreciate your lovely op ed piece in The New York Times, along with the concern you showed about our country and the world. Therefore, we would like to speak to you directly, since it seems that there is insufficient communication between us.


Because America is exceptional, we are able to read between the lines. Suddenly, the Russian president has become a peacenik, explaining the seriousness of war, and the need for a worldwide UN consensus.Your war in Chechnya killed 50,000 Chechans and over 5,000 Russians. And where was Russia’s Security Council authorization when you invaded Afghanistan, or more recently, your little venture into Georgia?


The bottom line to your so called “fear of war” is that it will show clearly, for all the world to see, Russian inadequacies. America’s hi tech missiles will destroy whatever they are programmed to do, pointing to the great superiority of American military technology, and the inferiority of Russian weaponry. There is no opposing Russian anti-missile system that will stop our new cruise missiles.


Who the hell will want to purchase Russian equipment with 20th century technology, when America has far superior 21st century technology that is unstoppable. Your article mentions Israel twice and your newfound Zionist tendencies are quite touching. Israel is a giant thorn in Mr. Putin’s side because the Israel Defense Forces have consistently decimated their opponents, proving, time and again, America’s superiority and Russian inferiority.


A tiny Jewish military defeating the great armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, et al, using American weapons against inferior Soviet arms. Thank you for the warning that militants are now preparing an attack against Israel. However, they are using your own supplied weapons. What say you now?


Imagine, no more contracts from the Arab and Muslim world, when they finally realize that Russian weaponry can only be used in a civil war against civilian rebels, who have pretty much used their defense budgets on ebay. It is a brand new world with your latest weapons of choice being American Botox injections and an op ed article. Handsome and wrinkleless to appeal to those vain, media obsessed Americans, you, Mr. Putin, not only believe that America is not exceptional, but that we are gullible fools. An incredible about face, where Mr. KGB is the reincarnation of Gandhi and loves the American people, knowing what is best for us.


Your wisdom goes even further trying to somehow link an American strike in Syria, with negative consequences to the Iranian nuclear crisis, and lo and behold the Israeli-Paletinian conflict. You forgot about the linkage to global warming, Vlad.


So, according to you, force has proven ineffective and pointless? Does that include force used against Hitler, fascist Italy and the Japanese Empire who attacked Pearl Harbor. Force, when used properly, can be the only thing to bring about peace.


Your article touched every American with its reference to God creating us all equal. That is your problem. When a non practicing, non involved so called religious person, who was an atheist and may still be, invokes God, they usually do so for their own agenda. Of course we were all created equal. However, that certainly does not mean that we grow equally. Some are smarter and some are not. Some are good/moral and some are evil/immoral. Your logic tells us that God created you and Adolf Hitler as equals. So what?


Let me just say this on behalf of the American people. If not for America today, the world would be a much more dangerous and dark place. We are the truly exceptional nation. God has blessed America and continues to do so.





Irwin N. Graulich is a motivational speaker and author on ethics, morality, Judaism, religion and politics, and president of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing, communications and branding company in New York City.