The time has come to clear the air as to why areas acquired by Israel in the 1967 defensive battle, are often referred to  as “disputed” territories .

This is not because of international pressure.

Most recently, I was present when the respected Yossi Ben Aharon, a former Israeli career foreign policy official who served as the CEO of Former Prime Minister Shamir’s office, gave a speech at Shedma,

Ben Aharon confirmed what I had learned in 1970, my first year in Israel, which was that the Israeli government cabinet met in special session in June 1967 and   declared that areas captured – except for Jerusalem- would be bargaining chips for peace.

Ben Aharon confirmed the precision of that decision.

Ben Aharon related  that the Israeli cabinet met in special session on June 19, 1967 and announced that Israel  would not annex areas taken in the six day war – except for Jerusalem

Ben Aharon  reported that the Israeli government even dispatched a classified memo to the US government that, indeed, Israel would not annex anything except for Jerusalem,

Ben Aharon related that during his years with Shamir, the American administrations of Reagan and Bush invoked that June 19 retreat  commitment and demanded that this commitment be implemented,  as soon as possible.

In other words, the sovereign government of Israel, one that included Herut leader Menachem Begin, decided to relinquish areas taken in a defensive battle by the IDF.

A government decision obligates future governments- unless that government decision is repealed.

People  who do not like that decision should demand a change in that June 19 1967 Israel Gov’t decision. That is where energy should be invested.