Dear Sir,

Although we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, I have a great deal of respect for you and your office. In a tense time between our two countries, you have shown that it’s possible to have respectful and serious dialogue, even when we have disagreements. But I wish to point out a very serious lacuna in your work, one which I fear is shared by many among American Jews and maybe even the President himself.

On your website are the speech notes for many presentations you gave at various events. They are often quite detailed in their descriptions of Israel-American ties, including cooperation in a variety of fields and our storied history.

Just one thing is missing: any mention of the political right wing, in either Israel or the United States.

The latter is especially shocking to me. Richard Nixon saved this country by airlifting crucial military supplies in one of our darkest hours in 1973. Ronald Reagan and George W Bush were warm friends of this country during their tenures. Beyond leadership, many Republicans and Republican voters have shown Israel a great deal of devotion in hard times. Yet to read your speeches, one would think that only the left and the Democratic Party have ever supported us.

And the right-wing in Israel? If Herzog and not Netanyahu were Prime Minister, I doubt you would mention right-wingers at all, a profound insult. Perhaps you need a refresher course on Israeli politics, sir, but the right wing of Israeli politics did much to empower many previously disenfranchised populations: Mizrahi Jews, Religious Jews and Haredis. Today, all these three are merging into the mainstream as proud partners in Israeli society, thanks in no small part to the evil Likud whom far too many in the left-leaning wing of the American media love to loathe.

Nor is this progress limited to those groups. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right-leaning governments have done a great deal indeed to help the economic well-being of Israeli Arabs as well as the country in general. Thanks to free market policies once only endorsed by Israel’s right-wing and today embraced across the political spectrum, we have weathered the storm of the 2008 crash to the benefit of everyone.

You proved that we don’t have to agree on everything to have a fruitful dialogue. But in order to have a dialogue, especially with such a large section of both the American and Israeli populace — you first have to acknowledge we exist.


Avi Woolf

Proud American-Israeli Citizen and Right-Winger