This is the country where you go to a post office, take a queue number from a machine, sit and wait half an hour, and someone comes in and walk straight to the counter and gets served.

This is the country where to deposit money, the bank charges you.

This is the country where you walk into a bank to open an account. To get customer service officer you need a ticket from an ATM-like machine. But to get a ticket you have to have an account…

As a new oleh I was looking for a casual job while I do ulpan.

I read a job advertisement for a handyman. It said supply a resume and two referee statements….or just write a couple of lines in a return email.

Huh? Seriously? I wrote the couple of lines…a few hours later I was emailed a job interview. So much for needing a resume and Israeli referees. In Israel, nothing is as it seems. So looking forward to my first job as an oleh. 🙂

Loving Israel, it teaches me patience 🙂