The Rabbis teach us that the Second Plague in Egypt in the beginning was one frog, as it says in Exodus 8:2. When the Egyptians tried to slash the frog in two, two whole frogs emerged. They kept trying to solve the problem in this way, though the result was more and more frogs until they were everywhere. A proper question to ask is: Why did they go on like this when they saw that their actions were counterproductive, backfired?

One Torah teacher answers that as follows. That is the power of anger. When we are incensed, we can keep doing the most stupid things while after we cooled off a little we already cannot understand how we could have been so stupid.

Same thing seems to happen in Pride Month. All kind of Orthodox rabbis (here, here, here) feel an urge to speak out against Pride Marches is such a way that it compels thousands of heterosexual Orthodox men and women to participate in the last of the marches in August in Jerusalem.

They obviously don’t know what they are talking about:

  • They confuse sexual orientation with lifestyle choice.
  • They suppose that gays and lesbians must be less religious — while they are often the most religious of their families.
  • They don’t understand that just like same-sex sex for them is not good, for non-straights other-sex sex is not good.
  • They think that gay liberation means breakdown of the family while the whole push for gay marriage shows the opposite.
  • They are so ignorant that they still believe in gay-cures — which places them in the same category as those who believe in a flat earth.
  • They are so uninformed about oppression that they assume that they are the victims because their position is under attack — as if Nazis are the victims of Jews and their friends who attack their anti-Semitism. Someone should tell them that 20% of gay religious Jews have attempted suicide, and none of the rabbis!
  • They are so busy playing G^d, judging people, that they don’t even seem to think about what they should say to be part of the solution and not of the problem, like: it is forbidden to bully anyone, or make fun of gays, calling people gay or outing people. If you’re not nice to homosexuals you’re not a nice person period and you’re not living in accordance to Jewish Law.
  • They totally forget that there is a fair chance that gay people do not get any heavenly punishment for whatever they do with their gayness while non-gays will be judged and punished for anything anti-gay that they do or say because they do have a choice!

But total ignorance in this area is not their only problem. Lacking sound arguments and the ability to think straight (pun not intended), they often resort to compensation through bullying and arrogance.

They so display a measure of insensitivity towards GLBTQIs and their families that should be enough to defrock them and send them away from Torah teaching and learning until they master the minimum of empathy and civility that is needed to understand anything holy. But no. They are not pushed out as rabbis and no one throws eggs at them. This blanket support from the religious authorities towards such barbarism is enough to send thousands of angry allies of GLBTQI into the streets.

So, it seems that these rabbis are not secretly on the payroll of the gay communities. They are so uninformed, so rude and so angry that they can’t help to degrade the Torah in public and aid gay demonstrations.

My question is only: are these rabbis not married? Don’t their wives say anything? Women are supposed to have more wisdom, common sense and empathy — and to be their helpmates opposite them.