Today is the 27th of January; the 69th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. In London at City Hall, the anniversary was commemorated with speeches from various individuals. These speeches were given in front of British notables, including the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. One of the speakers at the event was Hassan Farooq from the Newham Dawah Team, an East-London Muslim organisation. His speech was not bad. But his being chosen as a speaker was certainly a bad decision. An awful decision and an absolutely disgraceful lapse in judgement and choice by the event’s organisers. That is because of the anti-semitic background of Hassan Farooq.

An article published today on Stand for Peace showed the extent to which Hassan Farooq deplores Jews and the extent to which his vile anti-Semitism runs.


And he spoke today at London’s memorial of the Holocaust that he so revelled in insulting and glorifying? The memorial of the evil work that his ‘idol’ Hitler perpetrated against the lives of 6 million Jews, a total of 17 million people? It is really sickening.

It is a sad but true statement to say that for much of the world, Holocaust is becoming trivial, distant, and a hazy memory of the past. People are forgetting the tragedy faster than ever. This is a danger that is exacerbated, a disaster that hurtles faster towards us, when those who are invited to take on the mantle of rememberting the tragedy of the Shoah are those who take it as a joke and do not even wish to understand the magnitude of devestation that the Holocaust caused to the Jewish nation and other elements of society. There is not much more to say, other than that I hope that the people who organised the event are aware, and issue the apology that is thoroughly necessary.