Anybody Can Talk about Israel

Anybody has a right to make their case to any injustice they choose, in any neighborhood, in any city, in any country.  Israel has no special status immunizing her from uncomfortable opinion, other than it appears one some Ministers are trying to elevate the country to that imagined status.  May I not speak about pollution in China or United Airlines canceling flights in India due to poor air quality unless I’m a citizen of one of the countries?. Do I have to be British to weigh in about Brexit, and have served in the British military?  Did people who lived outside South Africa and did not speak those natives tongues have no right to rally around Nelson Mandela because they were not citizens of that country. Does Tzipi Hatovely prefer not to hear from American Christian Evangelicals who overwhelmingly know very little about Israel, when they propound their support for a Greater Israel?  Nevermind that they are praying for Armageddon, The End of Days, the coming of the Messiah and thus the end of Israel. usher in the End of Days and then actually the end of Israel?

I am in fact, fluent in Hebrew, have lived for years in Israel, written novels about Israel praised by the Israel and mainstream press and was once arrested in the USSR for smuggling Hebrew books to the underground teachers. I require none of these bona fides to criticize any Israeli policy if I so choose. Would present Israeli leaders deny Dr. Arthur Hertzberg, the world’s authority on Zionism and the author of classic The Zionist Idea to write about Israel because he indeed lived a comfortable life as a pulpit rabbi in Englewood, New Jersey?  Funny the New York Review of Books, Foreign Policy and all Israeli newspapers published his articles regularly. And HaTovely might recall that there would have been no establishment of the State of Israel and little chance of Israel surviving it’s early years without the political and financial aid of the American Jewish community.  Seems she’s happy to hear from American Jews only when she likes what they are saying.

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Howard Kaplan is the author of the The Damascus Cover and Bullets of Palestine and has just completed a new novel of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The Spy's Gamble.
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