Anyone detect a pattern?

What a crazy few days.

A shooting that killed twelve Americans. Innocent, young, enjoying some time in a cinema away from reality, except that reality bit back. They had lives, families, stories to tell. The BBC told us so.

A bombing that killed five Israelis. No-one really cared who they were, so the BBC ignored them.

Israel has no Capital City. The BBC tells us so. Or doesn’t, depending on which way you look at it. Palestine, a country that doesn’t actually officially exist, apparently, at least according to the same BBC does have a capital city.

The International Olympic Committee held a CYA* ceremony at which they remembered the eleven Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Olympics. They still refuse to have a minute’s silence in the presence of the Olympic (dysfunctional) “family.” The BBC didn’t bother covering the event.

That’s enough, right?


Today, the European Union, that bastion of Human Rights, that leader of the unity of mankind (at least in Europe), that symbol of peace, prosperity and brotherhood, has once again failed to put Hezbollah into its bad books. Not that the BBC bothered to report anything about it.

“No tangible evidence” that they are involved in terror was cited as one of the reasons that they can’t be called terrorists, or dealt with as such. Firing rockets into a civilian population, bombing innocent tourists whilst on holiday, stockpiling weapons to use against their neighbours, all clearly not enough for the EU members to reach some sort of agreement about a terrorist organisation that is well on its way to knocking on European doors too.

The EU did, however, have time to agree about how to deal with Zimbabwe. And the BBC had time to report it too.

Anyone else detect some sort of pattern, or am I losing my mind?

*Cover your A**(*). Extra * depending on whether you use UK or US spelling…

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