Rough Translation: "Another dead pig, what's the problem? Seriously, what's the problem, forget it! You tell me? Missing pigs?"

Rough Translation: “Another dead pig, what’s the problem? Seriously, what’s the problem, sweethearts, aren’t there enough pigs?!? Missing pigs?”

The post that you see above came hours after the death of Eden Attias (A”H), an 18 year old Israeli soldier stabbed to death by a 16 year old Arab. For those with humanity, it should spark emotions such as anger, distress, disgust at the extreme indifference to the murder of someone so young by someone even younger. My exposure of this post, made by an Arab Israeli, is not an attempt to insist that “all Muslims/Arabs are monsters”. That’s deplorable. What I am trying to illustrate, however, is the deplorable indifference with which many anti-Israel keyboard warriors try to legitimise the murder.

Now, compare the vicious post of Mr. Mhameed with the one below, made on the HaAretz News website and consider which one is worse.


How passionately he speaks of the occupation, and the refugees, and the blinded children. The first one is really a gem. “Too bad he was an occupier”. An occupier? An oppressive force? He was taking a nap on the bus home to see his parents! And Palestinian refugees and teens “don’t get their own articles”? They don’t get their own articles because they don’t get murdered in intense, violent stabbings. Whilst somebody sleeps, they are vulnerable. The person who killed Eden Attias could not even look into his eyes as he penetrated his chest with a knife. Eden was barely out of high school last year.

And the second one kindly concedes that “it’s a shame”, but apparently it’s because Israel ‘maims’ other countries and because of Israeli mistreatment. Thank you for the four words of sympathy- “it is a shame”.

Hoow can they justify the very personalised murder of an teenager; an 18 year old with two parents and two brothers and dreams of becoming a DJ, perhaps of having a family of his own? Worse yet, can you imagine the outrage if an Israeli stabbed an 18 year old Arab to death? It would be on CNN for weeks, and Op-Eds would be written about how the act of extreme-right aggression shows that Israel doesn’t want peace, et cetera. But no. The Israeli was stabbed to death and the media does nothing to portray it as what it is- a consequence of hatred. The commentary on the matter is left to the army of “pro-Palestinian” keyboard warriors- half of them delusional, half of them full of hate. But so the argument goes, it was because of the “occupation” that this newly-drafted soldier died.

They speak of the “Palestinian children who are blinded and paralysed” trying to justify the murder as if it were done as a consequence of repressed anger for a brutal occupation. So it’s fine? Tit-for-tat? It would be slightly valid if it weren’t for the fact that Israeli soldiers do not sneak into Arab homes and stab them as they sleep. There is a difference between intent and accident. Trying to equate the tragic deaths of Arab children as a consequence of an Israeli airstrike, and the blatantly hate-motivated murder of an Israeli by an Arab is disgusting.

The story becomes yet sadder, when we discover the real reason that the prisoner murdered Private Attias. He admitted that he did it to “avenge his cousins who were in Israeli jails”. One cousin, Muhammed Juwadra, murdered two people and is serving three life sentences. The other one is serving 12 years for an attempted murder. And the “occupation” is still blamed.

But which post is worse? The one where the hatred of an Israeli Arab is expressed clear for everyone to see? Or the one where there is a fairly calm and ‘explanatory’ response for the killing, where murder is rationalised?

To really get the blood burning, let’s look at another couple of posts, from Al-Jazeera.


People here are clearly angry. At Israel. In the first post, the “Boycott Israel” person launches into a completely irrelevant attack on Israel, which ends with the statement that “Sanctions are Required”. He also mentions Israel choking, and Egyptian scientists in the most off-topic rant against Israel in the history of the Internet. The second post is a close contender, mentioning how North Korea is less of a threat to the International Community than Israel in terms of having nuclear weapons.

Albeit sad, it is extraordinary how these people pull out all of their stops and condemn Israel as concisely as possible as soon as the country’s name comes up. They don’t even seem to realise that the title is to do with a teenager’s murder.

If they do, an announcement of an 18 year old’s murder does not give due reasoning for an explanation of why the world should be more scared of Nuclear Israel than Nuclear North Korea. This use of a soldier’s death to blame Israel for everything from the Punic Wars, in my humble opinion, is worse than the first post. Call the murdered soldier a pig and show the world who you really are, how full of hate you are. Do not try and hide your hatred behind a pseudo-intellectual analysis in an attempt to legitimise a murder.

And coming in with a very special 4th place, is the New York Times. (Surprise!)


The title is not about a soldier being murdered. It is about an “attack”. The picture, however, is what gets me. Screaming propaganda, the crying mother with pictures of her young son are laid out on the floor. The house is full of people, possibly his family “who will now be broken that their son is in the hands of the Police.” He will go to prison like his cousins (whose crimes are not mentioned in the article), she cries. And so, I ask- why is the picture not of the grieving Israeli family whose son was buried last night, his coffin draped in a flag?

After the death of Eden Attias, we should remember both the person and what he stood for; An innocent Israeli teeenager who was serving his country but died because of someone’s hatred for that country. And in his death, we should look at how those who hate Israel will use any and every opportunity to demonise it. The fact that they don’t express it in the way that Salah Mhameed does makes them no less deplorable. Their rationalising of Eden’s death makes them even worse.