“Eskimos now permitted to buy refrigerators.” That’s what I thought when I read that women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to drive a car. “A real revolution” news outlets are not tired of exclaiming. Next year the first female Saudi driving instructors will be ready and a few months later the first women will earn their driving licenses in the kingdom. Just ahead of the introduction of the driverless car.

Women are allowed to vote there too and some have been elected. Also an enormous step forwards in a kingdom that is a dictatorship.

And now Palestinian Arabs have gained access to Interpol. I still believe that clairvoyants would do a better job because we know for sure that their information is just a wild guess, while checking Palestinian-Arab “information” will be an exercise in futility. No one will have the guts to dismiss their reports out of hand, and no one will be able to tell their lies. Why not let these Arabian fairy tales filter through Israel? We know their tricks, have their names and have the experience. What will be next? Pyromaniacs working the switchboard of the fire brigade?

In Egypt, the authorities are anally examining men whom they suspect of being homosexual. They are very modest about being the first to have discovered a physical sign that shows if someone is gay.

Gaza’s Hamas and the West Bank (Arab) Palestinian Authority are going to cooperate — maybe — to get rid of Israel together. That’ll happen later than Democrats and Republican trying jointly to oust Trump. And when that happens, there is no reason for the PA to seek peace with Hamas, because a new US government will be as (very) silly putty in their hands.

And just when you thought that this could be fake news — it isn’t. How do I know? To go viral, fake news must’ve some degree of plausibility.