On many occasions Arabs have killed Arabs, and the world stays silent. Today, as the violence continues in the Middle East, Arabs are being killed by one another in major numbers. It’s a scary phenomenon we are witnessing.

Indeed, in Syria, over 100,000 people have been killed and there’s a humanitarian crisis which some have termed as the worst the world has seen since World War 2. On neither side of the conflict do the Syrians favor Western values, and surely no one says they support Israel as a peaceful ally. Perhaps something can be learned about the region as the result of this. Maybe, if in the midst of a brutal war where Egyptians are killing one another, mosques being stormed, coups taking place and who knows what else, perhaps something can be learned about the region. Similarly, Hamas and the PA are capable of killing one another if given the opportunity. One only needs to read the Tweets from these Arab countries to naturally learn that the Mossad and CIA collaborated, or that it’s a Jewish plot. All of this says nothing about the other neighboring nations in the region like Iran, Lebanon, and Libya who are not exactly “bastions of peace.”

Maybe it’s the water? Or maybe there’s something else curious about that part of the world? Oh, I got it – Indeed Arabs are killing one another because the Jews occupy the West Bank.

After the so-called Arab spring, there is no one in any of these countries in any position of power who is clamoring for peace with the Jewish State. The “Start-Up” Nation which has made the desert bloom in so many ways since the founding of the State in 1948 is indeed a light in the middle of darkness. While I am but the CEO of 5WPR, maybe it is time to recognize that if the Arabs kill one each other in so many nations with such impunity, maybe, just maybe it’s more reason for Israel to proceed with caution?

Or, of course they can “return” the West Bank, and surely then peace will reign in the Middle East.

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur, author & Philanthropist.