Are feeling geeky today? Great! go ahead, print and try to solve the following Technology crossword puzzle:



1. Zune was developed by…
3. Social network that allows only 140 characters
5. Apple’s first personal digital assistants
8. Android’s latest edition
10. Google’s web browser
11. Portable Document Format is…
12. Google smart glasses
15. The world online encyclopedia
17. The next generation of IPV4
19. Samsung’s latest flag smartphone
20. LinkedIn news app
21. HyperText Markup Language is…


2. IOT stands for
4. Stands for World Wide Web
6. Jeff Weiner is the CEO of…
7. The creators of Firefox
9. Apple’s latest mobile operating system
13. Apple’s voice assistant
14. LG and Google latest smartphone
16. “Start-up nation”
18. Apple in car OS integration

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