The recent spate of attacks against Jews in Israel and abroad has the Chosen People worried, and with good reason. Our personal security is under threat, and many are afraid to walk the streets. Some say the solution is aliyah – though that doesn’t work nowadays – while others revert to the traditional tactic of begging the government to protect them more.

But there’s one step that would help enormously: let the Jews bear arms. Or in political speak: remove the draconian gun license laws which make it so hard for Jews to carry firearms for their own protection. Law-abiding Jews should not have to jump through a thousand hoops for their right to defend themselves against anti-semitic thugs.

What’s most absurd is that Israel’s laws are just as draconian as in Europe! Israel! The country dedicated to the protection of Jewish life and liberty is also dedicated to ensuring that normal citizens are helpless if they are attacked and there is no cop or soldier at hand – which can be quite often. The police, try though they might, cannot be everywhere.

Thus, while Israeli Arabs are awash in illegal weaponry of all kinds for crime or worse, Jews throughout the country who served in the army and have no criminal record still can purchase a measly pistol at most, and even then under restricted conditions.

The arguments about “inflaming the situation” or “leading to more deaths” fall short when you check the facts. In the United States, for instance, guns stop far more crime than they cause – and they rarely involve the actual death of either the assailant or the intended victim.

So, I say again: Arm the Jews!